Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce

Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) is a school-to-career program for Juniors and Seniors that is taught in Indiana High Schools.  JAG's goal is to keep young people in school through graduation, preparing them to enter employment and/or post-secondary education upon graduation.

Students Who Participate Receive: 

  • Exploration of Career choices
  • Adult mentoring based on career interest
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Credit towards graduation
  • Leadership development
  • Paid and unpaid internships
  • Community service opportunities
  • Post-secondary educational placement services
  • 12 month follow up services after graduation
  • WorkOne resources
  • Community and business networking.          

Young Adult:  If you are 16 - 24 years old, get started on your future today.

Get the Education and Training You Need:  Whether you need a high school diploma, a High School Equivalent, a college degree, or technical training, WorkOne can help find the resources to meet your educational and training goals.

Plan Now for the Career You Want:  WorkOne has resources to assist in evaluating your skills, experiences and interests so that you can judge how your attributes compare with job opportunities.

Assess Your Skills:  Young adults often have special considerations in finding jobs that fit their skills, experience and age.

Get Help for Your Job Search:  WorkOne can help you assemble the tools you need to get a great job.  WorkOne gives advice on resumes, cover letters, and tips on how to get a job.  WorkOne also helps those interested in getting jobs right now by providing current job leads, helping you to prepare a winning resume, improving your interviewing skills, developing an effective job search and more.